The Seventh and My Final Exadata X2-2 Deployment

Today, 29-JUN-2012, we (me, 2 others ACS Team member, FSE/HW Team member and also from MII – Oracle Partner) have finished the Seventh Exadata X2-2 Deployment in Indonesia.

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–> Sun Oracle Logo

–> Exadata X2-2 Logo

–> Latest Image Version of Exadata ( After Reimage

–> ACS Team Member : Abip (Left) and Hendro (Right)

–> ACS Team Member : Abip

–> HW/FSE Team member: Suherman (Left), Niko (Right)

–> HW/FSE Team member: Suherman (Top), Niko (Bottom)

–> Oracle Partner (MII) Team member: Aria

This Exadata X2-2 Quarter Rack Deployment is a non standard Oracle Exadata Deployment. The customer did not want to have a bonding in their network configuration, using all of the net1, net2 and net3 configuration with different subnet mask. Also using different net segment for net0 and ILOM and not using DNS. We are having some difficulties with those configuration.

Finally after some hard discussion with the customer, they agree to change their IP address for the ILOM using the same segment with net0 (management network) and also they agree to have DNS server to activate their 3 Scan-VIP Addresses to activate new features of SCAN-IP in the Oracle 11.2.0.X RAC Database.

And today, we have finished the Deployment and this deployment will be the last Exadata Deployment for me and also a sharing session to other ACS Team member (Abip and Hendro).

Will be the last memory for me for this Deployment. Thanks to ACS member that have help me for this my final Exadata Deployment.

Thanks guys, you are the best. Keep the spirit goin` and keep continued success for Oracle and their team members.

– wdanyant –


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